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This is the highest award for excellence to be presented jointly by the Emergency Management Association of Tennessee (EMAT) and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). The Bill Worth Dedication Award is presented annually to a person in the emergency management enterprise, on the State or local level, who embodies the spirit of selfless dedication in service to the local community and State of Tennessee. Individuals eligible for the award will show exemplary skills and knowledge in the field of emergency management. Their dedication to service to the people of the State of Tennessee will be evident in the way they work with integrity, commitment, and self-sacrifice.

Nominations for recipients will be accepted by the EMAT Awards and Nominations Committee throughout the year, but not later than ninety days prior to the Annual Conference. Nominations are to be in writing outlining the justification and will be reviewed and agreed upon jointly by EMAT and TEMA appointed leadership.

The EMAT President and TEMA Representative will present this award at the Annual Conference Banquet.  The recipient or a family member must be present at the Banquet to receive this award.

Recipients unable to attend the banquet may request the award be presented during a ceremony with their senior supervisor or local government elected official.

Award may be presented to family members of those who are deceased for exceptional leadership providing all other prerequisites are met.

Prerequisites for Nomination:

1). Nominees must have shown the following attributes to be considered for this award:

  • Dedication

  • Devotion to the Principals of Good Emergency Management

  • Devotion to the Emergency Management Community

  • Contribution to the Community and State of Tennessee

  • Displays of High Levels of Integrity

  • Acts of Selflessness

  • Self-Sacrifice

  • Extraordinary Commitment to the Emergency Management Field and to Colleagues

2), Must be an active member of EMAT and in good standing with his/her current organization.

3). Award will recognize sustained leadership performance over a period or may identify a specific event/incident in

     which the nominee participated.

4). Must be proactive in support of local, state, and federal emergency management policies.

5). The immediate supervisor or senior elected official of the nominee should be consulted, for their reviewing action, prior to final section.


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