The Emergency Management Association of Tennessee (EMAT) is a professional association open to all persons involved in the planning for, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from natural and man-made disasters in the state of Tennessee.  EMAT functions as a liaison among local, state, and federal governments and agencies for the purpose of promoting an organized and harmonious emergency management program. It promotes channels of communication, encouragement, and support for emergency management workers across the state. The association also fosters education and training programs designed to increase the efficiency and capabilities of those engaged in emergency planning, mitigation, response and recovery efforts in Tennessee. Additional elements of the EMAT mission are:

  • To promote adequate channels of communications and mutual aid for emergency management between the political subdivisions.

  • To encourage, support, and assist industry in its participation of the emergency management effort in the State of Tennessee.

  • To increase the awareness of the public, and especially persons in positions of responsibility, of the constant threat of natural or man-made disasters.

  • To elevate and disseminate the experiences, judgments, and actions of those specialists trained in, and responsible for, emergency management activities.



  1. Training of emergency management skills at a basic, mid-level and advanced level, based on needs.

  2. Training to maintain current capability and cutting-edge management choices.

  3. Access to information regarding legal changes or rule changes in emergency management.

  4. Provides instant access to local, state and federal appointed and elected officials and provides an avenue to effect needed changes in the law.

  5. Allows the exchange of ideas with peers and to understand and implement new concepts.

  6. Provides recognition for acts and services within the emergency management community and associated support organizations and fields, from awards to media releases.

  7. Opens avenues to obtain trained emergency management personnel or to seek other employment or assistance.

  8. Train procedures for federal assistance or loans in local communities.

  9. Opens access to cross-discipline rules, procedures, and training in agencies with greater expertise in a particular area, for example, control of interstate accidents requiring a local response, reception of large deliveries of supplies and distribution to survivors, handling airplane crashes, etc.

  10. Assists in understanding and being current in state and federal law.

  11. Provides fast means of exposure to “best practices” in emergency response.

  12. Provides an avenue to seek the proper source of training, whether state, federal,

  13. local or private industry or VOAD.

  14. Establishes relationships and associations to improve interactions in emergencies to include the sending or receiving of mutual aid or assistance.


Annual Membership:  $55.00.   With membership you get:

  • Discount on the annual workshop and access to additional training opportunities sponsored by EMAT.

  • Opportunity to participate in the Certified Emergency Management Program.

  • Networking opportunities and access to a diverse group of emergency management experts.


Register Online by going to application

For your convenience, you can now pay your membership dues through PayPal, even if you don'/t have a PayPal account.   Your total charge will include a $2.00 service charge to cover the cost of accepting credit cards that we pay.  

EMAT does not retain the service charge.


If you prefer to pay by check, you will receive an invoice with the amount and remittance information

c/o Jody Zorsch, EMAT Treasurer

PO Box 1238

Wartburg. 37887

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Emergency Management Association of Tennessee


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