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Each of the 95 Tennessee County Emergency Management Agencies are eligible to receive two (2) EMAT/TEMA for the 2023 Workshop as part of TEMA’s support to training and education in the state.  The purpose of the grant is to lessen the budget impact and help County EMA’s attend the professional development Workshop. 

The County EMA Directors can assign rooms to themselves, members of their agency, or any community partner that they wish to encourage attending the EMAT Workshop.  The names of the individual you are requesting room(s) for must be on the request form with all requested information, (this includes the County Director).

What you need to do: 

  • Fill out the form below. (must be submitted by a County EMA Director who is a member in good-standing of EMAT)

  • Submit the form using the Submit Registration button no later than  January 30, 2023 at 4:00 pm (CT).

  • DO NOT make room reservations for the names you submit.  EMAT will manage all of the reservations. 

  • Inform EMAT Coordinator at if you have any changes to the request you submitted ( changes or cancellations must be submitted no later than March 6, 2023. )

  • Any No-Shows will be charged for the first night’s stay.

If there is no scholarship room request from the County EMA director by the deadline, then no reservations will be made for that county.  

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