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EMAT exists to help those in the field of emergency management stay connected, informed, and educated.

This Recognition Program is meant to highlight the actions of those within the field who exemplify positive performance and who are helping to move along the field of emergency management in a positive way.

The intent of the Awards and Nominations Committee is to create a monthly recognition opportunity for members who have shown action above and beyond within their community. This allows EMAT to be the platform which allows people an opportunity to grow within the field by recognition.

Nominees will be recognized quarterly through several methods of communication including an email to the EMAT membership describing the nominee’s accomplishments and also website recognition.  All of this can be saved and included into an EMAT member’s LinkedIn and other professional outlets.


  1. Support work in the field of emergency management by giving members an opportunity for recognition which can further support career development or other certifications (i.e. TN-CEM)

  2. Establish EMAT as an agency of support and recognition

  3. Create an outlet for local recognition by recognizing actions at a state level

  4. Support the EMAT Award and Recognition Committee by developing more depth throughout the entire year

1st Quarter, 2021 Recipients

Below are the names of those recognized for their amazing achievements. Good job and thank you from EMAT and the Awards and Recognition Committee for all you do!


James Tabor

Metro Public Health Department

James assisted in planning and preparing for the large COVID vaccination event at Nissan Stadium on March 20th. His leadership and logistical efforts were part of what made the event a success. He showed great coordination with his team - and even patience when needed - and we are thankful for his guidance.


Jordan Howard

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

This individual has put in over 800 hours of overtime for the State of Tennessee to assure that PPE distribution, warehouse inventory and normal logistics duties have been accomplished under TEMA. Since March, TEMA has sent out around 30k orders to stakeholders all around the state and this could not have gone smoothly without her assistance with local and state partners.


Hayden Odell Poyner

Humphreys County Emergency Management

Communication is always high on an After Action Report as needing improvement. As the pandemic progressed, information was sketchy at best and non-existent at worst. Odell diligently sought out current reliable and relevant pandemic information and sent it out on a DAILY basis to our LEPC group. He has kept the LEPC informed about the total and active case counts, transmission rate, vaccination phases, and where/how to get those vaccinations. He has been an excellent communicator/resource for the leaders (both public & private) in our area.


Mark J Ericson

Hamilton County Emergency Management

Mark has shown dedication, resilience, and professionalism throughout the many challenges from 2020 to date. Mark has had close encounters with COVID-19 in 2020 but continued to work from home while quarantined. Hamilton County EMA managed mudslides, sinkholes, flooding, a major tornado, social unrest, and COVID-19 in addition to our normal responsibilities. Mark was a major factor in all of these challenges. He was responsible for designing a sign-up system for COVID-19 appointments. Mark was given less than a week to accomplish this and the site has exceeded 100,000 appointments. He also developed, trained, and supervised a call center with ten temporary employees for making COVID-19 appointments. In addition to all of this, Mark shoulders the responsibility for designing and equipping four major drive-through vaccination PODS. Mark has spent many days torn between the call center, getting new PODS ready, checking the appointment system, and running logistics at PODS sites. He also has been the person ordering PPE from TEMA Logistics for our entire county and municipalities. He is the Chairman of the LEPC and has been a major part of our required exercises. We had a full-scale FEMA-graded Nuclear exercise that he performed above and beyond in the middle of all of these other events. Mark did not do all of this on his own, we have a great team. However, he was responsible and managed all of our fantastic team to meet the challenges of 2020 and 2021. He worked 20 hours a day seven days a week during the social unrest and 48-hour shifts during the tornado recovery and rescue phases. Mark has definitely shown action above and beyond, there is just too much to list.


Heather Sipe

Greeneville/Greene County EMA

She has over 17 years of experience in EM and is Greene County’s first woman director. She is an amazing leader, boss, and mentor. She always goes above and beyond for her job and puts in more hours than anyone I have ever met. She loves her community and her fellow responders and definitely has made an amazing impact not only on those around her but the county as a whole. As her Ops Officer, she has taught me everything I know and she is always willing to teach anyone she comes in contact with. If she doesn't know it, she will find out the correct way for you. She’s definitely a great definition of what “Emergency Managers” stand for and she is doing an incredible job with trying to get our field more recognition.